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Ramp Rack PU-200

Ramp Rack PU-200

We are an authorized Dealer of Ramp Rack serving the Cincinnati tri-state area. We complement our products with quality and timely installation of which ever ramp rack fits your needs. 


The Ramp Rack PU-200 system is an all-in-one ramp and rack for your pickup truck. This engineer approved and field-tested solution extends 3 feet past the taillights of your vehicle. It is the perfect and most convenient transport system that makes loading and unloading 1500-3500 size trucks so much easier.


The Ramp Rack is the only one of its kind in the market, removing the need for a separate trailer. The PU-200 truck accessory makes loading and unloading your truck much more efficient, saving you time and money using a built-in dovetail for ease in loading and unloading even the heaviest equipment. Plus, the gate is fully spring assisted to allow for one-person operation.

Lawn mowing businesses and landscaping businesses have immediately realized financial, timesaving and safety benefits from using the PU-200 Ramp Rack system.


Please reach out with any questions.





Dovetail Width

66" Outside to Outside

Shelf Width


Shelf Height Above Bed Rails


Ramp & Dovetail Capacity


Ramp Length


Dovetail Length



1500-3500 Pickups with 2” or Larger Receiver Hitch (FORD, DODGE, CHEVY, GMC, 2007


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